8 To Go With ’08.

New Year’s Eve. Some one needs to change it to same old year’s eve. Because that word ‘new’ implying all that hope and promise, it’s not fooling anyone, especially me.

There goes another year though. Cliché as this is going to sound I’m going to ask myself, if I were given a do-over, what would I do over? Absolutely everything but nothing at the same time, you know? Never mind.

Another year has passed, has anything changed? No. Do I feel any different? No. And to think a year ago I thought it would have all changed, and it would have all been different. I look around and nothing’s quite what I expect it to be.

At then end of the day, all that hope and promise and optimism and anticipation the new year brings doesn’t quite match up to expectations and I’m going to add that to the list of lessons from surviving the ripe age of 17 as Lesson 8 – No expectations, no disappointments.

Wait, I haven’t exactly mentioned the first 7 have I? Well, here it is.

Lesson 1 – When the hairstylist asks whether the length is okay, she means this is going to be an inch shorter, too bad kiddo!

Lesson 2 – Don’t stick your nose in wherever you want, stuff that doesn’t concern you is best to be left alone.

Lesson 3 – There Are people who are nice to you only when you need something, the ones who stick around are the ones who care.

Lesson 4 – When people makes a statement, think before you laugh, so you don’t end up saying ‘Oh, you’re serious?’

Lesson 5 – There’s no need to feel guilty over some things, especially when things just can’t be helped.

Lesson 6 – Trust is a flimsy thing and you need to be careful with it, people you trust don’t always fall through and then you’d be left to pick up the pieces alone.

Lesson 7 – Sometimes life’s just a bitch and you’ve just got to deal with it.

And the final addition,

Lesson 8 – No expectations, no disappointment.

Well there we go, the 8 lessons The Sue has learned and shared to go with 2008 which is dawning upon us.

Another year has passed, but am I wiser? I think not. I’ve repeated all my mistakes from last year, and my guess? I’ll be repeating them again next year. Oh well, Sometimes life’s just a bitch.

I’m ending this post with another one of those inspirational quotes, this one’s to go with the dawn of 2008; reminding us all to hold on, breathe deep and carry on.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
Winston Churchill


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