So there goes another year, to those who’d read my new year’s eve post, yes it was an emo one. Can’t help it, my bad!

But this shall be my firs ever 2008 post so I shall strive to be more positive..

Okay, anyway, digging round the other day, I found something in my basket of crap. The butterfly souvenir I bought from Aussie some years ago. It had this little sticker on it and it said ‘believe’. There were many others on the counter, ‘love’ or ‘hope’ or ‘trust’, but amidst all of those I picked up one that said ‘believe’.

To believe meaning to have confidence in the truth, existence or reliability in something. To have faith. Looking at myself, I’ve come to realize actually how little faith I have. In pretty much everything.

And I don’t know, maybe it’s the nostalgic feeling of no longer being a high school student or a new year and all but I’d decided that this year I’ll actually make a serious New Year resolution, none of the whole childish crap like being nicer or eating less sinful stuff like ice cream and chocolate which we all know are crap..

No, this year, I resolve to believe again, as I was reminded by someone that I should maybe for once be less cynical and be on the brighter note.

Okay, so I’m a sucker, I’ll give this whole New Year’s business one more shot. And this time round, I’ll resolve to believe again, to find it in myself to have that bit of faith again. And maybe, just maybe this year will be a better one.

Here’s to ’08, Happy New Year!

“Faith is, at one and the same time, absolutely necessary and altogether impossible.
Stanislaw Lem


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