Lacking in That Feeling.

Sunlight spilled into the kitchen from the large set windows. Birds were heard chirping outside. A lady with blonde hair hummed as she held a pan over the fire on the stove. The sizzling sounds and aroma of pancakes filled the kitchen.

The child was a wispy blonde with cream complexion. Hair tied in a ponytail with hair clips loosely keeping stray hair off her face, she was dressed in purple flannel pajamas, sitting on the counter with her feet dangling, patiently waiting and watching the other blonde woman in the room preparing breakfast.

The phone rang and the lady took the pan away from the fire on the stove.

‘Mommy’s just going to answer the phone okay?’ the lady gave her a peck on the cheek. Wiping her hands on the checkered apron, she left the kitchen.

Bored and curious Allie crawled toward the stove which was still lighted; her mother had forgotten to turn off the stove. Her blue eyes stared at the flames for a while. She looked towards the door; she could hear her mother on the phone still.

Her gaze averted back to the flame. Footsteps drew nearer and her mother’s voice grew louder. She bent over the flame and her one of her hair pins came loose falling into the flame. Without hesitation, she plunged her hand into the fire to pick it up. But the pin was jammed in the coil, she and yanked on it but it wouldn’t budge.

A shriek was heard and the cordless phone shattered on the kitchen floor.

Allie awoke with a start and she stared at the ceiling for a full minute before the sound of the wind ruffling the beige translucent draperies caught her attention. She pushed the thick comforters off and padded over to the window in her thin oversized t shirt.

It was snowing and the wind blew in a gush of air along with some small particles of snow which caught itself in her wavy long blonde hair. Cars honked as the morning traffic began, despite the snow she could smell the smoke being expelled by the cars in the clogged streets not too far from her apartment. She shut the window and made her way to the bathroom.

And thus began her morning ritual.

Picking up a rubber band from the counter top, Allie piled her hair on top of her head. She stared at her reflection in her mirror and it stared back, she let out a breath. Her vision wasn’t blurry so she moved on to the next item on the list.

She checked her mouth, gums and tongue for cuts cautiously without trying to create any cuts with her nails. Then she counted her teeth. That being done she put a thermometer under her tongue. She looked down at her palms and turned over to the back of her hands. There was no bruising, and no scratches, no swelling either.

Allie pulled the shirt over her head and removed it, examining her body for cuts, bruises or scratches, from the top of her head to her little toe. She checked her toes and joints for swelling. The thermometer beeped and she took it out, it was slightly over normal body temperature and she groaned.

Turning on the cold water of the shower, Allie jumped in. After 5 minutes, she came out and shoved the thermometer into her mouth again. This time it checked out normal. She threw on a shirt and a pair of jeans after re-checking her body for any cuts or scratches.

She pulled on a hoodie and a pair of sneakers, grabbed her keys, cell phone and wallet and headed out the door. Allie lived in one of those rundown apartment downtown where the elevator rarely worked, but luckily for her, she was only on the third floor.

Rather than to walk to the elevator just to find that it wasn’t working, Allie went straight to the stairwell and made her way down to her car parked out front.

Carefully squirming out of the little parking area inching back and forth millimeters at a time, her car was finally out and Allie drove her beat up smoke emitting car to work.

She worked as an in house photographer in a local fashion magazine, and she was one of those people who drowned themselves with work, the ones that forget to eat and lose track of time. So it was hardly surprising that it was nearing 2 a.m. when she got off work that day.

Allie decided to have a bite to eat before heading home. Given her condition, even though she didn’t feel hungry, she knew she should at least chow down a sandwich. So she drove through the abandoned streets in the mid of night. It was snowing heavily and she was at the junction when she saw a flash of light and a truck crashed right into the side of her car.

Glass splinters shattered in every direction and her car pelted to the side of the empty road, overturning from the impact of the collision. Allie was held in her seat thanks to the seat belt and when the car finally stopped spinning, she unbuckled the seat belt and fell onto the roof of the upturned car. She tried the door to no avail, it was jammed.

Allie tried to crawl to the back with scratches on her face to dig for her cell phone but her leg wouldn’t move quite right. Something was wrong. She stared down and saw a piece of metal protruding out of her thigh. Her jeans were soaked with blood.

“Damn it!”

Pushing her way to the back seat, she started digging furiously through the stuff for her cell. Finding it, she pressed the digits.

“911 what’s you emergency?”

“I got into an accident and I’m stuck in the car. And I think you need to send an ambulance over”

“Ma’am, are you hurt? Do you feel any pain at the moment?”

Allie looked down at her thigh before saying

“Well, I’m kinda lacking in that feeling right now,”

“Given a choice between pain and nothing. I choose Pain.”


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