Transcending. Or Trying To..

Okay, so apart from being sufficiently busy lately from the moving and packing, I’ve been lazy, bored, and have sunken into a slight fetish for feeling sorry for myself, again. Being detached from the outside world for so long can do that to you, see. I haven’t been able to go online in ages and I haven’t been out in ages so I’ve began to feel sorry for my social life zero self.

That self pity, have been induced by the fact that if I got hit by a bus say a week ago, nobody would have noticed. How come? Well, to start with, everyone’s been super busy with their new lives with college and all that.

I’ve come to realize that a lot my ‘friends’ in sec school is not going to be a part of my life anymore due to the fact that they are all in a different college from me, doing different things, going different places. Some don’t even bother keeping in touch anymore, so yes, I truly believe that however hard I try, these ‘friends’ will slip away.

I’m already outed from their lives and hearing only a peep from them from blogs and occasional word in’s by other acquaintances, I don’t need any more reassurance than that.

Oh well, I’ll just take Jason’s advice: I’ll make new ones in college.

Anyway, enough of self pity, on to more pressing matters, lately, I find that it’s become more and more difficult to doze off. Whether it be because of the unused energy stored up in me or being at home without a gate until lately and still without a curtain I have no idea. Whatever the reason is, my mild insomnia has escalated to a critical level. I’ve just been walking around in this sleep deprived haze and occasionally bumping into stuff (don’t ask!) and tripping over boxes.

Apart from being seep deprived again, I am also bored out of my brains and have resorted to re-reading my old chick lits. If I don’t go book shopping soon, I’m gonna kill myself! Well, actually, more likely I’ll kill someone. hah!

Well, to compensate for the bored-ness I’ve been experiencing, I’ve been on a writing craze, the kind of have too many ideas coming in to pen them all down kind of writing craze, (I can almost hear the groans) so don’t be surprised if the next few post will be booming of stories as I’ve now regain the ability to come online.

Okay, this semi-rant slash self pity post is over.

“Pain is important; how we evade it, how we succumb to it, how we deal with it, how we transcend it.”
Audre Lorde


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