Vanilla Sky.

Hmm.. So after a long long long Lo-oo-oong hiatus, I’ve decided to post again, Yay!

So my sister and I were just flipping channels on the television last night and we stumbled across this movie, Vanilla Sky or something to that effect, and Tom Cruise was on it and in this movie, he was apparently disfigured in some car accident and was wearing this mask thing. We thought it was ordinary enough. Simple looking even, it was just the guy in a mask and another guy walking down this hall. And then they reach the room at the end of the hall and they entered.

And then there was this woman who introduced them to this technology called LE can’t remember what it stands for, but it was this freaky life preservation thing. Then somehow the conversation shifted to this ‘latest technology’ called the ‘Lucid Dream’ and she played this video clip for him to watch.

Basically what it was about is maintaining or preserving life, more specifically Your life as you know it now, to go on forever without changes. Within the hour of you death, they take your body and keep it in this place with sub zero temperature to preserve your body and uses your subconscious to continue living in your mind, and you control Everything in that world, everything, from where you are, who is in it to what you and all the other people do in that world.

They erase everything from your memory about your death and basically you continue your life in this dream where everything is as you want it to be and you just won’t grow old or die, Ever. Your subconscious chooses everything that happens, and everything is within your control.

Is that the freakiest thing you have ever heard or what? The length’s that people go to for avoiding death is just frightening. Can you imagine if a technology as such was ever invented? There are many who’d die to live in this dream! I wouldn’t want to, but sadly, I think there are a lot of people who’d go for this idea of immortality.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m not afraid of death; I am, just like every other person, afraid of death, or rather, afraid of the unknown held by death. As KC once said, it’s not like anybody who’s crossed over had ever called back to tell us what it’s like, but what I’m trying to say is isn’t the whole idea of life is that it Will end someday? Everything with a beginning has an end and simply the idea of eternal life.. It just scares me shitless.

“Every song ends, but it’s not a reason not to enjoy the music.”
One Tree Hill


3 Responses

  1. Hello, you! So I finally get an invite to the hallowed shrine of (The) Sue May! Yay me.

    And because my life really is that sad, I went back all the way to posts in August 07. Omg, high school nostalgia.

    Anyway, I had a point here. You write bloody well. And I’m sorry I can’t put that in a more eloquent manner 🙂

  2. hoho, no worries, and hallowed shrine, this is not, just a place to vent.. XD

    Anyway, it’s okay elyse, we all know you speak perfect enough english amidst your chinese speaking class in college.. hehe..

  3. Omg. I do not! I’m incorporating lahs into my speech more often nowadays 🙂 Yay Malaysian English!

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