To Trust Or Not To Trust.

Trust is a funny thing really, it will without a doubt lead to betrayal because it is the ones that we trust whom will have the means to hurt us. And these are the people who will hurt us the most whether they mean to or not.

To trust someone to such a degree is to hand someone the means and the power to hurt you on a silver platter but having faith that they won’t, and hoping that that faith will hold. But after all, we are all human; we all fall off the wagon however hard we try.

But oddly enough, we do it anyway. We trust.

When we betray each other, the road towards recuperation is never as clear as we want it to be. You try, you try and you try like hell to rebuild the trust that is lost, to restore that trust. But however hard you try, you will find that there will be a scar left behind; a reminder, a relic of the betrayal. These are the betrayals that run so deep and are so profound that there is no obvious way to recover what was lost and you don’t know how to remain close to someone who had hurt you so bad.

But at the end of the day, what I figure is, the ones that stick around no matter how much You hurt them or how much they hurt you, they’re the ones worth forgiving. They’re the ones worth keeping. And I know a thing or two about this. The ones that stick around, they’re the ones who care, they’re the ones worth holding on to.

Okay, so this is like Whoa! Random or what? Right? Well, what can I say? It was a stray thought that made its way into my head and won’t leave till I found a way to let it out.

“Trust has to be earned; you can’t trust someone who’s hiding in a closet.”
House MD


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