Low Tolerance Rate For Stupidity.

Are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me?

‘sorry hope you don’t get mad at me !!’

Trust me, I’m not..

Cause I’m way past mad. Wayy past mad. I’m furious, irritated, annoyed, aggravated, Not mad.

I am in awe on how stupid and immature some people are. And how ignorant and idiotic people can be going about certain things, completely, utterly in awe.. Absolutely blown away.

You’re younger than me, no doubt about that, but it’s 2 freaking days, not 2 years, stop being a baby and be a man about it. We’re seven-freaking-teen not seven!

Speaking as a person with a low tolerant rate for stupid people who will not face a situation and go around someone’s back about things, especially mine, I say you are obviously trying my patience!

And then to say something stupid like I’m sorry, I hope you’re not mad and expect things to go back all smancy and okay the way they were, Geez! Do I look like you’re mother whom you can coax with an apology and a smile?

I cannot understand how some people can be so immature and childish about things. If there’s a problem, you go to the root and you rectify the situation, don’t wait for the problem to come find you!

I am not aggravated due to the problem itself, or the trouble I had to go through, or the fact that I was left hanging like an idiot, but the fact that you couldn’t be a man about it and come to me! That’s what upsets me.!

You wanna go run and hide and stay in your little comfort zone, fine by me, but don’t think that things are gonna be fantastic between us. I’m nice, but I’m no pushover, screw with me and I can be a bitch too.

I am generally a very loving person of all of god’s creatures but I really truly sincerely hope that natural selection fries their stupid sorry asses!

“The two most common elements in the universe are Hydrogen and stupidity.
Harlan Ellison


One Response

  1. Ohhhhhhm.

    (insert more meditation sounds)

    I, by the way, am also a big fan of natural selection 🙂

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