Oversights, Falls, Mistakes.

Sometimes, things get in the way, clouds our judgement, makes us do the wrong thing.

Sometimes, what we want goes against what’s the right thing to do and you think, heck it’s just a small teeny weenie insignificant matter, what difference would it make, even when the back of your head is screaming it would make the world of a difference, you go against that voice and charge for that mistake anyway.

Especially for us teens struggling in this outsized world with the booming population. But what annoys me is some adults *couhgparentscough* thinks that it does a grand difference in reminding us it was wrong, that it was a mistake and that it is a stupid thing to do. And then it’s held against you for all of eternity.. Okay, maybe, I’m exaggerating just a tad bit. But you get my drift.

Right or wrong, it’s done. A mistake’s a mistake. You can’t undo it; you can’t turn back time and say Oh-Kay, let’s get a do-over and make it right.

There is just no point dwindling in the fact it Was in fact wrong and it should not have been done and that it was Not the right thing to do, no point lecturing how it was the wrongest thing ever to do, and there sure as hell is no point in not allowing any other decision to be made because of one or two mistakes.

Adults, or rather, Parents, think that only a perfect person who makes impeccable decision should be given the right to make these choices, when we all know full well no such person exists. Age becomes an excuse, maturity comes into play.

What I think is; once bitten, twice shy. You wouldn’t fall into a same hole twice now would you? Okay, fine maybe falling into the same hole twice is an easy enough blunder but to fall into the same hole three, four times? Unless you really are that stupid, I doubt that would happen.

If you refuse to let a person take that road, that person will never know there is a hole on that road and eventually, that person will find that road and fall into that freaking Mother-of-All-Holes hole and That fall.. would hurt 10 times as bad.

Okay, that wasn’t a great metaphor, but what I mean to say is, if you’re not given the chance to do things wrong, how are you gonna know that it’s wrong? And when you do eventually take to falling and make that mistake, by pampering and trying to protect me from that fall, you’ve made things worse, because I was unprepared and unsuspecting and unequipped. Why? Because I’ve never had any experiences from getting myself out of these ‘holes’.

The way I figure it, some mistakes, we have to make, to grow and to learn. To learn from those mistakes, to learn to do it right, to learn how to rectify the mistakes we’ve done and learn the consequences of our actions, to learn that sometimes, we make bad assessments on things and we should weigh every option vigilantly and gain that coveted maturity that we’re told comes with age.

“If I had to live my life again, I’d make the same mistakes, only sooner.”
Tallulah Bankhead


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