Friends and Acquaintances. I See It Now.

Loyalty. Where is it? Friendship. Is it worth so little?

All the years, the closeness, the seemingly infallible relationship, I guess that was all just a lie.

Yep, I’m going through another one of my bitch fits.

Jay Leno once said, “Go through your phone book, call people and ask them to drive you to the airport. The ones who will drive you are your true friends. The rest aren’t bad people; they’re just acquaintances.”

I’m not exactly asking for a ride to the airport, but you get my drift.

It may be tickets, one stupid event that isn’t even directly mine, but those bloody damned ticket sales were pivotal for me in this one subject, it may have been my passing grade, or my failing one, and you can’t even find it in you to care.

So thank you. Thank you for showing me that the foundation of our friendship is nothing more that empty promises. Not once have you come through for me, after all I’ve done, all the favors I’ve done for you, the help I’ve given, comfort and support I’ve provided, so far as I’m concerned I’ve been a freaking good friend and I figured that you’d maybe once have the decency to return the courtesy, give into our friendship for once, but I guess that was just wishful thinking, I guess I really am that naïve.

And you probably don’t even read this anymore, seeing as I’ve changed the site url and you still have not seemed to have noticed or asked, so it’s either you’re a mind reader and knew I’ve changed it already or you just don’t give a flip. Clearly it’s the latter.

“Real friendship is shown in times of trouble; prosperity is full of friends.”


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