Diamond or Ruby? Both I am Not.

Have I mentioned that hot fries on a rainy day makes everything better? Mmm hmm.. Yes it does.. It’s probably something to do with the blistering hot pieces of potatoes warming up the insides of the stomach when its freezing cold on the outside, or it may just be another one of my weird quirks.. I wouldn’t know..

But anyway, after the meeting yesterday, I drove to the drive through for McD’s and well, had hot fries and was instantly happier despite going through a bitch fit and my mind keep going back to the Student Council meeting where I told Veron that Jason no wait, correction, GAY-son looked like a small kid [with his short sleeves and new hair and all] standing in front being punished during assembly.

She then write a note for Cee for her to read she laughed and wrote back :


Haha… They’re a nice bunch of people really and I think I’d be pretty wrecked if I had to leave because of my other more busy obligations to my course subjects. Though I still haven’t met one other Junior Leader who apparently is not so junior and has been MIA for quiet some time, I believe we’re quiet a solid team. Far more easy to work with than other people..

Apparently as Gayson puts it I’m like the ‘diamond’ or ‘ruby’ of the Student Council, cause they only had one other SHTLM leader and he quit like last year or something cause of, well, as I stated other more busy obligations to the course and the SHTLM club. So, I wanna have a little faith, to believe that I can do this and not give up, I want to be able to think that I can do this, hold onto it and not quit but somehow I have a nagging feeling that it will resort to that in the end, no matter how stubborn and proud I am.

Is it really crazy that I desperately want to prove myself wrong?

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.
Oscar Wilde


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  1. Any post that ends with an Oscar Wilde quote must be a good one 🙂

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