How a Resurrection Really Feels.

It was cold. His breath was shallow and he felt as though he was sinking.

His hands instinctively move to feel around for a hint of where he was. And why he felt as though he’d awoken after being hit by a bus and having no recollection of it whatsoever. His hands moved but felt nothing around him. That’s strange; he should be feeling something, shouldn’t he? Something. Anything. He tried again, and was greeted again by this nothing-ness and numb-ness before he realized that he hadn’t moved at all, that his hand still lay by his side, motionless in it place.

What is happening?

It was cold. That was all he knew. It was cold and he felt so alone. He’s felt alone before, who hasn’t? Heck, he’s felt alone most of his life. But nothing close to this before.

Am I dying? Is that what’s happening? Is this what it feels like to be slipping away?

His throat constricts and tightens as he fought for a thin breath. Something wasn’t right, he was sinking. And he couldn’t breathe.

He could hear his heart pounding at a terrifying rate. It was going faster and faster and faster. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that he wasn’t breathing. But all the same, he could hear it as clearly as a bell. It was the only thing he could hear – his heartbeat pounding erratically like a drumbeat of a rock band – that, and nothing else.

He couldn’t see anything either, nothing but the darkness as he lay unmoving.

Is this it? Am I going to die? Is this what the end is like? Am I fading away? Am I disappearing? What is going on?!

Suddenly it stops, everything, the thumping beat, the rush of blood to his head.

Everything went a blinding color and he could no longer distinguish one from another. But it was eerily silent and strangely calm, like the eye of a hurricane. And he couldn’t feel any more, or think, and hell, he wasn’t even sure he was breathing. The world as it was to him at that moment became nothing but blackness.

And then, something reached out, grabbing him. Was it life? Was it death? He wasn’t sure. He didn’t even know how he got to wherever he was.

There was a flash of light. And then.. Nothing.

Apart from the flash of light, the two spheres of light headed straight at him, he remembered nothing. Not what happened or how he got there.

He was disappearing, fading fast, but amidst the fog and the haze in his mind, bits and pieces were slowly coming back to him. He remembered that just that morning, he wanted so much to disappear.

Yes, he remembered wanting to disappear.

Because everything was falling apart. And there was all this pressure. Too much pressure, from all sides. And he couldn’t do it.

He couldn’t take it.

He wanted to just disappear.

Now that he was though, he realizes he didn’t want to.

He didn’t want to just fade away.

He tried to fight the sensation of falling back into the darkness that overcame him, he tried to keep away, keep from slipping into unconsciousness, to swim upwards away from the darkness. But nothing was working.

Nothing was working and he tried to tell himself not to panic though at that point, it was pretty damned hard not to.

You’re dying you idiot… Try, dammit… Try…!

There was a loud wail. Movement. And a flash of light.

He turns just in time to see a truck come hurtling his way. The headlights melting into two globes coming his way.

He watches as the truck draws dangerously close at breakneck speed. Frozen in terror.

The human body just loves screwing you over like that.

The truck collides with the vehicle he was in, head on from where he seats.

Glass splinters shattered in every direction and the car pelted to the side of the empty road, overturning from the impact of the collision. The car stops spinning and everything was dark. And cold.

More movement.

That’s good. Movement’s good.

And then there were loud beeping noises. ‘One. Two. Three. Four.’

The lights are harsh, and he hears a cacophony of sound surrounding him. People shouting orders, medical equipment…

And then he feels a brief surge. Pain coursed through his body. And then nothing.

And then he realizes that there was something in his throat. Scratching on the surfaces it was in contact with.

‘One. Two. Three. Four.’

What does that mean?

Another long beep.

What the hell does that mean?

And then another surge. Another rush of the excruciating sting coursing through his entire being.

Everything was a mess. And there was pain. A lot of pain. He wanted to scream, but he can’t. Just when he thinks he can’t take it any more, the pain disappears and he’s numb once again. Colors swirling around. Sounds mixing with smells. Nothing was right.

He could hear the doctors, vaguely, distantly. He swam toward the voices, hoping for the fog and the fuzz in his mind to clear away.

Another surge.

More pain. Pain and light. Light pressing at his heavy eyelids.

Everything was dark but lighted at the same time. He was tired. So tired, but he was no longer numb, there was pain. Excruciating pain. Stabbing pain into him like he didn’t know possible. His chest was sore. His body ached. Nothing was right.

And then it was.

He draws a long ragged breath.

Cold refreshing air rushed into the hollow tube in his throat and he relished in the feeling of his lungs filling, relieving the constricting heaviness and burning sensation in his throat. He opens his eyes and the room sways.

He felt a surge. And then.. Everything.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


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  1. looks like someone has the potential to be a short story writer =)

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