Cause I’m Random

I’m still not okay, but I wanna thank the people who cared and checked up on me.

I wonder when I got so good at pretending nothing’s wrong.

I have decided to go with Shards of Life instead of Nothing To Say but Goodbye thanks to Nicky who helped me tip the scales.

I will post it when it is not short listed to win, as I know it won’t.

I was inspired by Irvine and I wonder why I’m still not sick of it when I wrote it with the song playing on a loop.

I am back into the Beatles craze thanks to my sis who dl-ed them into the house computer.

I wish John Lennon never left and the Beatles never disbanded cause they made such awesome music.

I wonder why people like Sean Kingson and Little Wayne and The Pussycat Dolls are allowed to make (what people call) music nowadays.

I think what they do is butcher music and just make sounds.

I wish music these days wasn’t so crappy.

I was driving and switching the channel away from Akon when I heard that top UMNO officials are being investigated for money politics.

I heard somewhere that it’s a witch hunt to smoothen Najib’s transition.

I think if it was a true witch hunt they’d need to start a large scale recruitment to replace the ones they weed out.

I wonder whether dumbness and idiocy is a pre-requisite to be a Malaysian politician.

I’m now wondering why I’m so reluctant to sleep when I’m so reluctant to get up when I do sleep.

I also wonder why I didn’t pay attention in accounts and drew this :

I wish I had the time to update my play list and weed out all the crap music which is taking up way too much space on my lappie.

I also wish Thursday would come faster so I could watch Fast & Furious 4.

I wonder why it’s so easy to pretend everything’s all good in front of my council buddies.

I wonder how many buttons Max can push before I go off at him.

I wonder how I can hold back as much as I do when I’m labeled as ‘The one who won’t take your crap’

I think I should be thinking up for the wine tasting that we’ve to do this semester. Or the G Race. Or the MICE gathering Race. Or the ideas for Lecturers Appreciation Day. Or the marketing assignment that’s already given to us. Or the accounting assignment. Or the 3 sponsorship letters I should be drafting up. Or the corrections that I need to make on my CV.

I wish there were more hours in a day so I could keep on top of things.

I’m wondering if the economy will somehow make somewhat of a miraculous recovery.

I’m thinking that me somehow somewhat wishing the economy continues to be down in the dumps is selfish cause I so happen to fall under the cushy upper middle class who is not affected by the sinking economy and wanna further my studies overseas.

I wonder if humanity is really humane when people just yawn when they hear that another bomb has gone off in Iran or Iraq or wherever else that bombs are going off.

I wish countries would just stop going to war. (But then again I suppose they’d have nothing else to do)

I wish people could stop killing and taking others down with them.

I wonder why we kill people to teach that killing people is wrong.

I also wonder why we’ve to teach children to tell the truth when no one has to teach them to lie.

I wish I could rid myself of these thoughts and find it in me to get out of this hole.

I think I’m liking it too much in this hole.

I wish I had the money to buy the books I want.

I wish that alternatively books weren’t so expensive.

I wish I could stop whining and wishing and wondering and thinking.

I think it’s the reason why people Don’t read this blog.

I also think that if all this sentences starting with ‘I’ is starting to piss you off, you should go get your own blog.

“Even the scarlet flowers of passion seem to grow in the same meadow as the poppies of oblivion.”
Oscar Wilde


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