I Call Nine Millimeter

Most of you will probably skip over this post, but I feel the need to do this thing I do, which I’m famous for. Yes, if you guessed a bitch fit, you’ve guessed it right, cause I really can’t help it, I need to rant about it. Because the past few episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles have been driving me nuts. Seriously.

Three weeks ago, they killed off Riley.

I hated Riley when she first appeared. Most of the season, she grated my nerves. I so wished that they’d kill her cause she was just so annoying. And also cause she was in the way of all the beloved JohnCameron scenes, I loved their chemistry and banter, John and Cameron I mean. So yeah, I wanted Riley dead. And I thought it wasn’t gonna happen cause the producers said death of MAJOR character. And she was kinda a minor character, a recurring guest star if you will. But later into the season, they made her interesting. They explored her character a little bit, dipping our toes into the water. And a lot more kinks made sense and I wanted to know more about her and her story and then BAM! She’s shot dead!

Two weeks ago, there was Jesse.

Loathed Jesse until I don’t know, the second last episode she was in? The writers made me start to care for her with her back story and her intentions and flashbacks and I mean.. Everything.. She wasn’t that annoying ice bitch with the funny accent anymore. And then the last we see of her is Derek shooting (?) at her as she runs away.

Last week, it was Charley.

Charley, I liked. A fair amount. I even felt bad for him that they screwed up his life so bad. And he was sort of mean to Sarah, which was understandable with her walking out on him after their engagement and then getting his wife killed, but he cared for them. For Sarah. For John. And we see the little father-son camaraderie between them. Giving us a taste of the fatherly affection John did NOT have while growing up. Then they shot him dead. They didn’t even show it. He was just floating dead in the waters. Face down.

This week, they killed off Derek.

Within the first 10 minutes, before the opening credits even, they killed of him. One of favorite characters in the show. Shot through the head. One of my favorite characters! I screamed at the screen, DUDE!

Are they trying to mess with me here? With my head? My emotions? Second WTF moment of the past 2 weeks. Literally. What the heck!? I mean, who’s gonna be killed off next week?

It’s one thing to pull a Joss Whedon and to kill off one or two characters when no one is expecting it, but to kill off a different character every week?

Every Single Bloody Week?

Now it’s at the point where I will be shocked out of my mind if they don’t kill off someone next week. Not to mention the fact that the only character that I even really like on the show any more is Summer Glau’s character. Bah! This blows. Big time.

I mean you could have at least given him a heroic death. A meaningful one. An iconic one. I get that against a terminator with a gun, having to hold your own is kinda impossible, but did Derek even see him coming? Couldn’t they have let him go out with a big fight scene at least? A bruised and banged up beating fighting for his life instead of a shot to his head?


You now what’s funny is that when I heard about Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles, my thoughts were exactly like Thomas Dekker’s, I thought, “Oh, no, they’re gonna be making a washed up, low budgeted, another one of those boring and thoroughly disappointing to the original show’s spinoff,”

But then I watched it out of an obligation, thinking how great Terminator and Terminator 2 (T3 NOT included) was and I went “Woah. How much more awesome can this show get?!?” And now I’m like a groupie. A fanatic. A crazed follower who goes through withdrawal when she misses an episode.

I mean okay, John Connor, played by Thomas Dekker (last seen in Heroes as Claire’s supposed to be gay buddy Zach), the “future leader of mankind in the resistance against the annihilation of the world” was this 15 year old scaredy cat who really didn’t have the strength of young John played by Edward Furlong in T2 in the beginning of Season 1, but apart from that, I was at peace with the rest of the plot, really.

Especially when they are joined by a cyborg from the year 2027, (what good future hero/saviour of mankind/leader would be without his trusty robot sidekick/protector right?) Cameron, portrayed by Summer Glau, the infiltrator model of a cyborg who can (so awesomely, can you believe it?) eat! Something that Arnie and all the other cybernetic organisms shown before her could not. And she even cried. It’s something that’s actually marked down in terminator history, her being the first terminator to eat onscreen, albeit the small one, and to cry and to claim to be able to feel “I wouldn’t be worth much if I couldn’t”. She brought them a little to the future to stop SkyNet and there begins their journey in Season 1 where they met Brain Austin Green’s character, Derek Reese, brother of Kyle Reese.

Season 1 was unsatisfactorily cut short due to the WGA writer’s strike last year but Season 2 started with a bang and continued really well (though I would have liked to see more of Cameron than the mere 5 minutes each episode she started to get during the mid season). So you can imagine how sad I will be when it’s cancelled/not continued for another season due to poor ratings. It’s inevitable no matter how much we fans want a season 3 cause the ratings are just not up to par.

Just my luck for falling for the one tv series that’s not getting enough ratings, eh? But you know, I attribute the lack of viewers and subsequently low ratings to people and their stupidity. They don’t like quality tv shows like TSCC anymore. Because they prefer bimbotic mindless shows like 90210 that has no real issues or petty teenage drama like gossip girl (I have no beef with gossip girl really, I think it’s pretty cool, I’m just looking to point fingers now) and fucked up love messes (I don’t say triangles because most love storylines are more of squares and hexagons nowadays) and staged reality series’ that are over-populating airwaves like Kimora, Janice Dickinson, ANTM, etc.

But you know, I do think that if the sexual tension between John and Cameron are given more spotlight, the ratings will dramatically shoot through the roof. I mean I think they’ve dabbled on that somewhat I suppose, but it’s always just been really ambiguous and mostly vague. So we’re in the dark on what’s actually going on between them. Protector and protectee? Human and robot? Or more? But then again, human boy, robot girl, not exactly realistic is it? I guess I understand the apprehension and caution the writers are using to dance around the said subject but on the other hand, cybernetic human organisms with metal endoskeleton covered by live tissue? Time machines? A boy born out of the union between a woman and a man sent back from the future that would not even have existed if boy wasn’t born? Robots taking over the world, wiping out mankind through a computer system? All that doesn’t exactly sound all that pragmatic either, now does it?

But anyhow, more than anything, I’m intrigued and on the very edge of my seat waiting for what I’m expecting to be the finale finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, cause I’ve a hunch on what Weaver’s motives are and I definitely wanna see how John and Cameron are planning to break Sarah out of police custody and of course, the progression of the finally merged plotline. I really wanna know how it’s all gonna pan out and if it really is gonna be the last episode ever, they’d better be sure as hell make it as good as humanly and cyborgly possible. And gosh, if they leave it in a cliffhanger.. And then NOT renew for a new season, so help me God, I’ll kill myself. Or, well, someone.. Or something.. >.<

I mean the cliffhanger would drive me crazy. I’d probably have so many ideas and yet barely have the time to write them all out on FF that my head will explode.

“John : I call shotgun.

Cameron : I call nine millimeter.”


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  1. You. Me. May 2009.

    Terminator: Salvation


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