Breaking on Breaks

I’ve been feeling rather claustrophobic of late. Like literally literally, walls closing in, absolutely cannot breath terrified up to my ass claustrophobic. And I keep feeling the urge to just shut down or hibernate or. Or.. Something!

It’s my holidays, but it doesn’t feel like it. It’s my holidays, and I want a moment’s rest, if only just a moment. But I think of all the backed up paperwork and sponsorship that was due like a month ago and I start dragging myself sluggishly on. I think of the studying that I should be doing and the media and promotions and all my other course work related stuffs, and I pick up the pace a little, urging me to plough on.

It’s all slow and sluggish and greatly lacking in the efforts department but hey, I’m moving.

I feel horrible, truly truly horrible about all that I’m meant to have done and yet have not but life’s a bitch and circumstances like to screw me over, so all I can be is sorry. If you need me to pick up the pace cause then you might as well have asked a tortoise to have picked up the pace because this body is working trough many many of it’s own issues, way too many many work within the way too short week of the absolute non holidays she is enjoying in shich she was supposed to use to rest and recharge.

Boy this really really sucks. And you know what sucks more? It’s the fact that all of this is the fault of no one but my own.


Ironic that I think I will break during this break..

“Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?”
Edgar Bergen


One Response

  1. Life, a bitch!!!


    grrrrr….. hahahah

    wat am i doing, stress together with you.

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