Truth Without Offense.

Recent events have caused my infinite disappointment with my country, fellow men IN my country and even leader/s of my country. I was speechless and almost beyond words in the matter. Or at least, I WAS, as in At First.

Now, I’m full of words. (Yes, I’ve got like a 2.1 second rebound rate from Silent to Bitch) But somehow, oddly enough, I do not feel particularly compelled to start throwing out verbal punches in a fit of flurry rage on where or how things went wrong. Perhaps it’s because I’m pretty sure we all already know that by now. And if not, you could just ask around and I’m sure there are more than many that are willing to fill you in. So okay, I’ll be completely honest here as I have always been, I was one who was against the elected government in the last elections. Hell, I was even ashamed that my parents, liberal as they were, voted for the said governmental party, jaded enough to believe that we should oppose all these idealistic thoughts of a new Government with their promises of a better, cleaner Malaysia simply because the familiar suckiness could not beat the limitless boundaries of OTHER suckiness out there awaiting us.

But in the turn of events, when our newest PM came into power, I allowed myself a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, I was wrong. That, just maybe, this time, the perceived enemy would be an ally in disguise. That, maybe, 1 Malaysia wouldn’t be the punch line to the joke of which everybody laughed at.

There were the cynics, there were the skeptics, there were the little things and subtle signs, all telling me that I am stupid to hope. But change needs time and I thought, perhaps, perhaps that was what was necessary for this country to move past everything and march forth to a better future.

But then, racism reared its ugly head and the moment of truth arrived in the form of cow-head protestors, BTN and the infamous “Allah” issue.

There was not a more perfect opportunity to prove that you are more than just a string of clever words, a chance to leave a legacy by uniting the nation to stand up against the real enemies – ignorance and fear and everything that is associated to what will contribute to this country’s sticky chaos.

Instead you did nothing, and by doing nothing, you turned us against each other.

I’m sure there is a litany of reasons for those actions or rather, inactions. I’m sure it felt that it was the right thing to do because it’s the only reason why anybody ever does anything. But those reasons don’t interest me. And I’m pretty sure that those reasons do not interest this nation of people who proudly preach to others that we live in a multi cultural community in such perfect peace and harmony. The reasons, whatever they may be, do not matter because all I know is that when it really mattered, you made the people in this country feel like we don’t.

When it came to delivering on the “People First” promise, you chose who those people would be.

When it came to “Performance Now”, you failed to see the sense of urgency.

You became everything you told us not to be and it is disheartening to see that this is how the leader of a nation, OUR nation, acts in times where leadership and vision and insight are required.

There was a time when I believed in this country. When I was proud of “our beautiful tourist destinations” and the “peace and harmony among the multi racial people” and all those other key phrases you learned in public school to write essays about Malaysia. There was a time when I believed that nothing is written in stone and that this country has so much more potential and will one day be able to progress and move pass the small petty things like the color of our skin or our faith and beliefs and religion. But all I really think about now, is what an epic failure our infamous apathetic ‘tidak apa’ attitude is, our terrible manners and our corruption, just to name a few.

Now, even the dare I say great food in this country is not enough to redeem the fatal flaws and cracks that have become so clear now.

Forget about how this will affect tourism and FDIs, and think instead about the damage it has done to the people instead. The trust and patriotism and faith that we put upon this country, this government, have all been made mockery of. We’ve now been made to feel unwelcome in our own home, and ashamed to call ourselves Malaysian.

I am outraged of the fact that we are supposedly this picture of harmony, living peacefully amongst diversity when we fail to accept one another. I am indignant to the fact that we cannot find it in ourselves to respect one another. And I think that perhaps it IS true, that the government could not care less of those who are not the ‘Princes of the Earth’ as they so proudly dubbed themselves.

I realize that perhaps I need to calm down a bit, that while it’s great that I am this passionate over the fire-bombing of churches over the petty conflict on the usage of “Allah” as a translation for “God” by Christians, maybe I should take it down a notch because I am coming across bitter and angry, when in reality I’m really just frustrated and opinionated. But this is really the last straw, and what bothers me is the government’s role in this whole debacle, not only because they have fueled the fire by agreeing that the word should exclusively be used only by Muslims but their actions or rather inactions over the flaming of the churches and protests that took place seems to me to be heavily biased and extremely prejudiced.

If we really are a picture of harmony that we are, there will be no need to throw petrol bombs at churches simply because a publication wanted to use the word “Allah” as a translation for “God”. If we truly respected the different religions, we would not find that there is a need to limit specific words to specific people.

Perhaps it is presumptuous to say this here, so publicly and so tactlessly, but I somehow feel that it has to be voiced one way or another so I’m going to say it;  Why would it matter? Why DOES it matter what we call Him or in what language we refer or name Him? I’m sure He doesn’t give a rat’s ass if we called him “Priscilla” or “Devon” or “God” or “Allah” so long as we hold him close and sacred to our hearts and practice His teachings in good faith. To quote Shakespeare, “What is in a name? A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet,”

Yes, religion is a grey. And yes, grey is indistinguishable. Grey makes you question yourself and give room for self-justification and denial but I’m thinking even if it is a right that should only be extended to only a certain religion to call Him a certain name, I doubt there’s any religion out there in this big bad wide wide world that actually condones the asshat behavior of torching temples of the Lord’s teachings.

I believe that it is written that the Muslims and Christian are supposed to be allies in the promise of Nabi Mohammed that he made once to protect the church when they requested his help. So I believe that it is not the religion that is at fault here, because I believe that the religion itself is sound, but it is the people of the religion who take things to the extremes and twist the words of the teaching to fit what they want to justify their actions are the ones who are at fault. And whilst I am tempted to shoot my mouth off on the despicable act carried out by stupid angry people who are too cowardice to actually voice their opinions in a nonviolent and diplomatic manner, resorting to such crude sadistic conduct to show their discontent, I am reminded that countering hatred with hatred doesn’t solve anything and it’s no more than the equivalent of ramming your head against a brick wall.

I will say however, that I am so very tired of religion being the reason excuse for people doing the things they do. (ie burning churches, going to war, mass suicides, driving planes into buidings, et cetera, et cetera)

“You can torch the churches but not the devout worshippers throughout the world. For our body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit”


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