It’s Easier.

It’s easier to be mad at people who you know will forgive you.

It’s easier to say ‘It’s Complicated’ than to actually label it.

It’s easier to say something than to mean it.

It’s easier to lie when you can’t explain the truth.

It’s easier to avoid someone like the bubonic plague than tell them “Back the hell off, stalker!’

It’s easier to just tell yourself you’re too young than to risk everything for something you want.

It’s easier to just to be happy in your little bubble than to step outside the brave new world.

It’s easier to make vague decisions of the foreseeable future than to actually do something to secure it.

It’s easier to analyze every small nook and cranny and hope that an answer will come than actually making a decision.

It’s easier to stick to a familiar pain than venture into the unfamiliar.

It’s easier to ignore the problem and hope it’ll go away then actually face it.

It’s easier to analyze and write everything down than to actually do it.

It’s easier to write a story of what you want life to be than actually live the life you want.

It’s easier to dream of what could be than find out that it Can or Cannot be.

It’s easier to hate someone and sever all ties than to forgive them.

It’s easier to feel guilty about something you’ve done wrong than to actually correct the mistake.

It’s easier to push off writing a report due in a matter of days than to actually write it before you get seriously screwed over for handing it in mere minutes before the deadline.

But more often than not, the hardest thing and the right thing are exactly the same and that’s when you realize.. You’re fucked.

“Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.”
The Fray, All At Once.


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