Terus Saja…

So I watched the sun not so set while jogging with Daddy and suddenly remembered soaking in the tub and trying to catch a glimpse of the setting sun in Malacca. Naturally, the theme song of that one occasion wafted back into my head,

Planting rice is never fun,
Bent from morn til set of sun,
Cannot stand and cannot sit,
Cannot rest a little bit.

Oh my back, like to break,
Oh my bones with dampness ache,
And my legs are numb and set,
From the soaking in the wet.

Oh, the lovely times.. Times where we were all in the same country. Doing stupid things like singing rice songs, playing card games that make us say dumb sounding things and camwhoring outside wrong bathrooms. Now we’re all in (or going to be going to) different continents. *sigh..

Terus Saja…”
The Many Various WRONG Direction Givers of Malacca Trip ’08.


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