Drink.. Drank… Oh F***!

Just sitting here. Or you know. Lying here. Pondering what a big part of my life you used to be, that it has imprinted a part of you in me, that I can never get rid off. Speech, pronunciations of certain words, a sense of humour, facial expressions, little kinks and all that.

Things that I would never quite be able to let go off, even after the fact that you are no longer an active part of my life.

“A drunk mans words are a sober man’s thoughts.”

P/S : Okayy, I’m A LITTLE Drunk. So sue me. It’s called a celebration for a reason, I mean, I AM done with my diploma. Or.. You know, I really really HOPE I am. But at least I managed to pass myself off as sober to my parents.. Or you know, again, I hope I did. Oh.. F***!

P/P/S : I’m supposed to have done this tag by Kelvin, but I’m in no condition, so.. Uh.. Later.. Tomorrow. Or something.. heh heh.. Sorry Kelv.. You know I love ya.. 😉


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