Love The Way You Lie.

“Look me in the eye, and lie,” she demanded.

He took a step toward her and she stood her ground.

Placing his hands on either sides of her cheek, those warm comfortable hands, he looked deep into her eyes, wide and honest.

But she doesn’t crumble to his touch, like she normally did, or his gaze. Not until the next words come out of his mouth, “I’d never do anything to hurt you,” he declared.

“I love you, alright?” he added unnecessarily. And convincingly.

Only then did she allow herself to melt into his arms, resting her head on the crook of his neck.

She allowed herself a sigh and an insolent tear escaped her closed eye lids.

She didn’t move to wipe it away, allowing it to seep into the fabric of the shirt on his collar instead.

It was always quiet when he spoke those words. So quiet that the world seemed to have faded away, and she was always afraid to move, to speak, or even to breathe in fear of breaking the stillness. The stillness that took away the pain, that made her want nothing but to lie down and rest. Bask in the quietness and the calm that fell over and enveloped her like a warm comforter on a winter night.

Yes, she needed to rest.

A little sleep and today will be another distant memory.

And then tomorrow, no more lies, she told herself.

No more lies.

She smiled to herself.

Because she knew the truth.

The truth that tomorrow will never come.

But that’s alright because I love the way you lie,
I love the way you lie…


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