14 Reasons To Love Cindy Nah.

1. Because her name is Cindy Nah. But she hates it. 

 2. Because she cries like a tap. (Notice the tears)  

  3. Because she loves camwhoring and posing. 

4. She does it in toilets too!    

5. Because she looks good in many different hairstyles.  

   6. And even with glasses!    

  7. Because she loves accesorising.  

   8. Because she’s such a bimbo.   

9. But a true nerd at heart.    

10. Because she loves starbucks. 

  11. And candy.   

12. And ice cream.  

 13. And sometimes the (not so) normal food. (Remember ayam pedal, Sheen? hehe)  

 14. And even water!! 

And there really is more to mention; like her lame-ness, her jakun-ness, her love for jails, her love for shopping, her love for ‘Pop!’ Goes My Heart, her ability to answer something totally irrelevant to what you’re asking, her uncanny ability to eat now and be hungry 5 minutes later, and I can go on and on, but I shall stop here.   

I wish there was a fancier way to say this.. 

And for someone who would is contemplating writing for a living, there should really be some sort of poetically beautiful and profoundly touching words that come from me..  

But sometimes.. The best way to say things, is outright. 


 Happy Birthday, SHEEN!!

Our friendship means more to me than words and pictures can express. 





Happy 20th.. Woman.. 



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  1. excuse me but fark, i feel so touched. seriously. thank you, sue may!

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