On this day of your life, Sue,
we believe God wants you to know …

That you deserve happiness just because.

There is nothing you need to do to deserve happiness.
There are no ‘minimal requirements’ for you to fulfil before you can claim happiness.
You deserve happiness simply by virtue of having been born.
That’s it.
Nothing more is required.
Be happy.

Hmm.. Funny. Because it seems life begs to differ.

Everytime I seem to have some claim or vestige of happiness within my grasp, she throws me in front of the bus and this metaphorical bus of pain and misery slams right into me.

I feel hungover. I need a greasy breakfast.

Or a pint of ice cream. I’ll say ‘Ack!’ and eat it.



Oh sanity, why has thou forsaken me?

“I’ve been familiarizing myself with female emotional crises by studying the comic strip, “Cathy” when she’s upset she says, “Ack!” and eats ice cream.”
Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory Ep#3.19.


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