I like the way you walk.

Scratch that. I really like the way you walk.

More than your mega watt, super charming, turn knees into jelly smile. More than your hair. More than your sense of humor. More than your quick quips and disagreeableness in every little banter.

Okay maybe not the last part. But I really do like your walk.

Because some people walk around with their shoulders all hunched up and looking at the floor. And some people shuffle their feet with a light breeze of cool. Others walk without looking where they’re going, their noses in the sky so high.

But you. You walk around like you’re slightly drunk. You kind of, stumble along, with a hint of lofty and a splash of confidence.

You walk like you’re ready to take on whatever crap that’s going to come flying your way because you know you’ll take it on, heads on, guns blazing, and win. Because you know that you’re just that brilliant. All intelligent, and eloquent, and funny, and charming, and oh so sexy.

Or at least that’s what you think.

“The thing about me, is I really wanna let you,
Open that door and walk into my life.
Marié Digby, Say it Again.


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