Milk and Other Things.

Me: Hey Dad, here’s a brain teaser for ya.
The guy who discovered cow’s milk,
what do you think he was trying to do?

Dad: Well, you know, olden days and villages, a
man probably thought,
“I want me some milk.
Let’s go milk a cow and see how that goes.”

Me: But I mean BEFORE they knew
you can get cow’s milk from udders.

Dad: Well. Those days, everyone had all sorts of 
farm animals right? He probably saw some calf
drinking milk
from the cow and decided
on a particularly hot day 
that he wanted some milk. 
And since he was too old to ask his mom,
he figured, 
the bigger the boobs, the more the milk,
so he tried milking the cow and Voila! Cow’s Milk!

Me: Righttt….

Dad: And after that success, he thought
“Hey, let’s see if we can get some from goats
and Voila! Goat’s Milk!

Me: Let me guess, prompted by that success,
he gave a go on cats and dogs too BUT
there just wasn’t enough produced for a decent cup.

Dad: Correct! And he tried to go for some tiger milk too
but was almost maimed and eaten himself,
so we stick to the basics; cows and goats.

Mom: Yea, deep stuff, keep talking hot shots.

“And on other days I wonder who and how they figured out really, really, REALLY off milk makes very edible cheese, how and why people decided to eat lobsters and crabs, and how and what they were doing to have figured out fermented grapes makes good happy juice.”


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