This Miss

If you know me, which you probably don’t, you’d know that I’m twenty-two, female, and striving.

You’d know that I’m just a little over 5 feet and not so petite, I live vicariously through fictional characters and love spending my time plotting massive take over the world plans, as well as run of the mill fiction.

You’d know that I live in New York City and London in my head and am presently wondering if it’s all going to work itself out in the end.

You’d know that I have a hard time fitting in, but that it seems like not a single damn is given to try.

You’d know that I love the words and everything about it; reading and writing, lyrics and quotes and that I also love the words you can’t read or see or hear like the imagery in a picture or moving film, which is just fancy talk for movies.

You’d know that I am not particularly religious, I abhor people that judge, and that I find people of both sexes attractive.

You’d know that I talk a lot, usually about shit that doesn’t matter, and usually not totally made up.

You’d know that I take random to a whole new level and regurgitate strings of colourful expletives from time to time.

If you know me, you’d know it’s hard for me to let go, and that I care too much for the people I care about and I try too hard to go out of my way to do things just to piss people off.

If you don’t know me, you’d probably think you do.


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