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August 2, 2012

To making the best of it all. To dreaming dangerously. To running to the edge. To embracing dumbness and audacity. To exciting new experiences. To living in the moment. To conquering. To breaking all the rules. To moving forward. To new horizons. To fulfilling. To striving. To reaching for the stars. To being uninhibited. To being kind. To growing. To dropping fears and taking risks. To being passionate. To seeing the beauty. To discoveries. To giving it your all. To having strength and courage. To the unchartered territories. To sailing out to open seas without supplies. To beginnings. To adventures. To saying ‘the hell with it.’

(To you, whom I knew was trouble from the start.)


Milk and Other Things.
October 2, 2011

Me: Hey Dad, here’s a brain teaser for ya.
The guy who discovered cow’s milk,
what do you think he was trying to do?

Dad: Well, you know, olden days and villages, a
man probably thought,
“I want me some milk.
Let’s go milk a cow and see how that goes.”

Me: But I mean BEFORE they knew
you can get cow’s milk from udders.

Dad: Well. Those days, everyone had all sorts of 
farm animals right? He probably saw some calf
drinking milk
from the cow and decided
on a particularly hot day 
that he wanted some milk. 
And since he was too old to ask his mom,
he figured, 
the bigger the boobs, the more the milk,
so he tried milking the cow and Voila! Cow’s Milk!

Me: Righttt….

Dad: And after that success, he thought
“Hey, let’s see if we can get some from goats
and Voila! Goat’s Milk!

Me: Let me guess, prompted by that success,
he gave a go on cats and dogs too BUT
there just wasn’t enough produced for a decent cup.

Dad: Correct! And he tried to go for some tiger milk too
but was almost maimed and eaten himself,
so we stick to the basics; cows and goats.

Mom: Yea, deep stuff, keep talking hot shots.

“And on other days I wonder who and how they figured out really, really, REALLY off milk makes very edible cheese, how and why people decided to eat lobsters and crabs, and how and what they were doing to have figured out fermented grapes makes good happy juice.”

Everything and Nothing.
September 4, 2011

Me: You’re being awfully defensive.

B: Of course, don’t want you to be getting the wrong ideas now do we?

Me: That’s going to be a tad difficult, I’m thinking all the wrong things all the time. You should start worrying when I get the right ideas.

B: True that, but won’t having the right ideas lead you to being right and hence pleasing you? Why would you want to be wrong?

Me: But you see, double negatives make a positive, doesn’t it? So I try to keep my wrong thoughts to an even number.

B: GOD DAMN! I forgot how good you are at winning arguments. What’s worse is that it actually makes sense!

Me: You have my permission to be amazed.

B: But… But then, by that logic, we would be wrong all the time! By God! What if what we’ve been living with has been a lie?

Me: I’m totally blowing your mind aren’t I?

B: Indeed you are, wrong as that sounds.

Me: You’re finally mastering the concept of the wrong!

B: But I need another negative to be right!

Me: Then start thinking wrong thoughts. Go on….

B: But it’s so controversial, my pappy always said two wrongs don’t make a right, but in science and maths, two negatives is a positive, which makes you right. THIS IS MADNESS!!!!

Conversation should touch everything, but should concentrate itself on nothing.”
Oscar Wilde.

August 16, 2010

Him:  I’m 25; I’m old.

Me:  You’re 24, what kind of a person doesn’t know how old they are?

Him:  Whatever, 24.. 25.. They’re basically the same.

Me:  No, they’re not.

Him: Yes, they are.

Me: 24 is not basically 25 !!

Him:  Even if I were binary, the difference would be between
eleven thousand and one [11001] and eleven thousand [11000].
Both the difference is exactly one, ergo, they are basically the same.

Me: … If you’re DNA was off by one, you’d be a dolphin.

Him: You’re quoting House?

Me: Mmm hmm.

Him: Damn you.

“A conversation is a dialogue, not a monologue. That’s why there are so few good conversations: due to scarcity, two intelligent talkers seldom meet.”
Truman Capote

When Serial Killers Come Together.
September 22, 2009

Because I am lifeless like this, I shall type out as best to my memory serves, a certain conversation, or some part thereof, with a certain someone, or rather my ‘dad’, which I would have under very different circumstances would have found somewhat disturbing.

D – And you take out their still beating hearts because it’s a delicacy.

(I think I may have referred to myself as a serial killer of some sort at a point of the conversation)

M – Mmm hmm.. And pull out their finger nails to keep as prized trophies.

D – Hehe. Yea, and what are you gonna do with their penises?

M – Well, that’s your area of expertise, why don’t you tell me?

D – Oh well, you should make full use of the poor teenage boys body right?

M – What do you suggest then? As far as serial killer fathers go, you should be imparting some valuable torture advice.

D – No no, I don’t do small boys. I’m straight. Smalls girls will do.

M – Hmm.. You don’t have to pretend. I know you like your fair share of little boys.

D – Hehe. Na, but I only target little girls. And I be a little necrophilia too.

M – I knew you had a letter fetish and a tendency for whips too, but I didn’t know dead things did it for you.

D – Hehe. You know I’m joking.

M – Actually with you I can’t tell anymore. But personally I prefer handcuffs.

D – Oh, you like being dressed up in handcuffs?

M – That was a joke too, really, you’ve lost it.

D – I was joking too, secretly knowing that you’re not joking.

M – Watever makes you happy my dear old pedophilic, masochistic, necrophiliac, leather attached, whip wielding, sadistic psychokiller of a ‘father’

And well, yea, we went on for a bit more like that. But Clearly, I have a real awesome ‘dad’ no? I think we’d make a good pair of serial killers, don’t you think? I really need to find new friends because as amusing as it is to have conversations like this, somehow,  think somewhere out there in a virtual conversation box there are 2 dudes having a similar conversation or maybe even comparing notes and they are probably not kidding. But moving on..

On a totally separate note though, I’ve just been wondering, how unavailable do you have to be to be allowed to change your status from ‘single’ to ‘it’s complicated’? How complicated it is allowed to be before you realize that you actually are “in a relationship’?

Because really, I’m-single-but-not-exactly-available doesn’t quiet roll of the tongue now does it? And it’s-too-complicated-but-we-both-stick-around-anyway-with-one-foot-in-this-so-we-kinda-are-in-a-relationship-but-not-quiet on the other hand is a real mouthful.

So what I’m trying to say is, one can’t exactly help but wonder what the appropriate term for a situation like this be?

You know, it would be a lot easier if there was a rule book for all this. I mean, I’m not exactly a rules rules person per say but it would be nice if there were to be SOME sort of a guideline to follow. Some ground rules to base things upon. Now that would REALLY make things a lot less.. Complicated..

But then again, it’s stupid really. For Anyone at all to think that relationships can be anything but sticky and complicated. Because relationships are messy, period. That’s their nature, they start messy, and they end messy, and everything in between is gonna be messy and maybe if I want to ever have a relationship at all, I should stop worrying about the mess.

Or maybe I should not even think of this as a relationship at all.

Or maybe I should do something about it, take a chance, risk it all, for everything within reason of course.

But then again, you can’t exactly up and run and decide to do everything ‘within reason’ because there really is no way of being practical about something like this. Because as romantic as the notion and thought is, those are the little pieces of unreality that we’re not meant to base our lives on. Eventually we always have to come back and deal with the real world.

Which is absolutely true as well but then again, it is a fantastically beautiful notion.

Which is why maybe I should just hold on to the fantasy and keep it as just that. Because it all seems so beautiful now but reality has a way of biting us in the ass when we least expect it, so maybe I should keep it just the way it is, beautifully imperfect.

And… I think I just had a 4 way conversation with myself and yet NOT come up with a conclusion.

God, really, what IS a matter with me?

I need to stop listening to what others tell me and start forming all this thoughts, me thinks..

But then there lies another problem see, because how much exactly are you allowed to care about what is appropriate and what others think about it to let it influence what you feel and think?

“So overwhelmed by the ocean’s shapeless form.”
Lifehouse, Storm